April 21, 2024

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2024 Super Bowl on the cheap: How NFL fans can make Las Vegas trip for nearly nothing using points, miles

If you’re a fan of the 49ers or Chiefs and considering making a last-second trip to the Super Bowl, one thing that may be holding you back is the cost of the trip: It’s not cheap to visit Las Vegas, it’s not cheap to go to the Super Bowl, and it’s certainly not cheap to do those two things together. 

Although Vegas is an expensive city, especially during Super Bowl week, there is a way to pull off the trip on the cheap: You have to use points and miles. 

If you have a bunch of credit card points or airline miles sitting around, the Super Bowl is the perfect time to use them.


First, if you’re traveling to Vegas, you need a hotel, so let’s check out a few places where you can stay this weekend. We’ll look at booking dates that run Friday, Feb. 9 thru Monday, Feb. 12 (All prices as of Tuesday, Feb. 6 at 12 p.m. ET)

  • LINQ. If you want to stay on the strip, this is one of the few options where you have that won’t break the bank. For 90,000 Wyndham points (30,000 points per night), you can book book a spot at the LINQ that otherwise would cost you nearly $1,200 in cash for three nights. If you have Citi Thank You points, you can transfer them to Wyndham’s program.
  • Embassy Suites by Hilton Las Vegas. Since everything is so expensive in Vegas, you might as well stay somewhere that provides a free breakfast, and that’s what you’ll get here. This hotel is about 1.5 miles off the strip, so you’re close enough to the action to enjoy it, but far enough away that you should be able to get a good night’s sleep. This hotel can be booked for 50,000 points per night or 150,000 total. If you have Membership Rewards points from America Express, you would just need to transfer 75,000 points to your Hilton account to book these three nights. If you were to pay cash, this two-room suite with two double beds would cost $1,237. 
  • Courtyard by Marriott (Las Vegas convention center). If you’re a Marriott fan, there aren’t too many great options, but this one is definitely good value. Although the hotel is slightly off the strip, it’s within short walking distance to the monorail, which will take you directly to the strip. There are currently rooms available for 138,000 points (46,000 per night), which is a solid rate for a room that would cost $1,670 if you were to pay cash. 
  • Fairfield Inn and Suites (Las Vegas Stadium area). If you’re actually attending the game, this hotel may be your best bet. It’s located just 0.7 miles from Allegiant Stadium, which means you’ll easily be able to walk there on game day. Also, it’s just a 1.3 mile walk to Mandalay Bay, which is where the NFL experience is being held. Although this hotel has a hefty price of $1,544 right now, you can book two queen beds for just 126,000 points (42,000 per night). 

Hotel availability is changing by the hour here in Vegas, so these exact locations may not be available for booking when you look. That being said, Hilton seems to have the most availability when it comes to booking with points.


As you’ll notice below, it’s usually not a problem finding a flight TO THE Super Bowl; the expensive part is finding a cheap flight home. Here are some flights for fans flying in and out of Kansas City:

Kansas City (MCI) to Las Vegas (LAS) for Friday, Feb, 9

  • American Airlines (9:36AM-2:09PM): 16,000 miles
  • United (10:15AM-11:20AM): 32,500 miles
  • United (4:15PM-5:20PM): 32,500 miles

LAS to MCI for Sunday, Feb, 11

  • United (11:30PM-4:05AM): 15,000 miles

Note: With the game likely ending around 6:30 p.m. or 7 p.m. local time, you should have more than enough time to stick around and watch the trophy ceremony before catching this Sunday night red eye. 

LAS to MCI for Monday, Feb, 12

  • American Airlines (5:20AM-9:04PM): 9,500 miles
  • United (6:25AM-2:30PM): 32,500 miles

Here are some flights for fans flying in and out of San Francisco:

SFO to LAS for Friday, Feb, 9

  • Delta (10:35AM-12:15PM): 15,500 miles or 13,100 if you have a Delta credit card 
  • Delta (1:35PM-3:15PM): 15,500 miles or 13,100 if you have a Delta credit card  
  • American Airlines (9:20AM-11AM): 15,500 miles 
  • American Airlines (2:30PM-4:10PM): 18,000 miles 
  • Southwest (8:40AM-10:10 AM): 12,391 points 
  • Southwest (6:10AM-7:45AM): 12,391 points (Oakland to Vegas)
  • Southwest (7:25AM-9AM): 12,391 points (Oakland to Vegas)
  • United (6:35PM-8:20PM): 21,500 miles
  • United (7:25PM-9:10PM): 21,500 miles

LAS to SFO for Monday, Feb, 12

  • United (8:15PM-9:59PM): 32,500 miles
  • Southwest (8:45PM-10:15PM): 21,191 points (nonstop to Oakland)

Super Bowl ticket

Finally, we have the Super Bowl ticket. Unfortunately, unless you’re related to a player or unless you win one in a contest, there’s no cheap way to get a Super Bowl ticket. 

The cheapest available ticket is going for roughly $7,500 on the secondary market right now (including fees), so it’s going to be about $15,000 if you want to take a friend. The upside, though, is that you’ll be in Vegas where there will be plenty of places to watch the game if you don’t want to fork over $15,000. Also, this is Vegas, so maybe you’ll win $15,000 on Saturday and then you can buy yourself a ticket for the game on Sunday. 

So what does this all mean? It means that if you’re an NFL fan with some points or miles lying around, you can realistically pull off a last-minute trip to the Super Bowl. If you’re not in San Francisco or Kansas City and you’re thinking about coming to Vegas, the flights should be much cheaper when booking with miles. 

There’s still plenty of time to get to Vegas, and with the Super Bowl here, it’s definitely one party you don’t want to miss. And, oh yeah, if you want to know where all the biggest parties will be, we’ve got a full list here