February 20, 2024

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Does Everyone Want To Be Escorted To Their Resort Room?

A reader raised an exciting query in the opinions portion of my Ritz-Carlton Turks & Caicos overview, which I required to address in a individual publish. Absolutely everyone has a diverse vacation style, so I marvel how different OMAAT readers’ opinions are on this.

Luxurious lodges escorting company to rooms…

At luxurious resorts, it is very common for the front desk affiliate to give to escort the guest to their lodge area right after examining in. Reader JP questioned the subsequent concern when I stated this in the context of my overview:

Just one very silly question…but from everyone’s expertise, what’s the intent of the “do you require me to take you to your room” give? Is it for guidelines? Is it just legacy? Offered that most people have travelled for several years, and the ones who have never ever travelled possibly won’t suggestion wondering it’s section of the provider, what objective does this provide anymore specified that I’ve hardly ever been “lost”…

(That said…my lover does say I do extreme investigation in advance of time for almost everything)

This is a excellent question, and it instantly reminds me of the below scene from Control Your Enthusiasm, the place Larry David is escorted to his resort area. The lodge staff shares all forms of useless info, and then Larry realizes he doesn’t have revenue to tip the guy, and the circumstance will get awkward.

My take on staying escorted to a hotel room

I’m with JP on this a person, I never seriously get the strategy of remaining escorted to your area, at least at a broad majority of inns. A handful of ideas:

  • I really don’t think there is something wrong with a lodge providing to escort visitors to their area, but I’m not a massive fan of them proactively expressing they’ll escort you to your space, as it can make it form of uncomfortable to reject them
  • I do consider there’s value to this at motels that are actually distribute out and have several properties, or in which the way to the area isn’t clear on the other hand, that’s a tiny minority of inns, in my practical experience
  • In quite a few conditions when you’re escorted to your area, all kinds of unnecessary data will also be shared with you, like how the Tv works (you use the distant), how to use the Wi-Fi (use your name and place number, how novel!), that the things in the minibar is not absolutely free, etc.
  • For hotels that do escort guess to rooms proactively, I at minimum appreciate when they inquire if you want far more details about the room, relatively than just reciting their script immediately
I can respect the benefit of being escorted at some resorts

Then there’s the concern of what the ideal coverage about tipping is in these scenarios? For international locations or spots the place tipping is usually expected, here’s my take on how that applies for being escorted to the place:

  • If you’re becoming escorted by a bellman and are having support with your baggage, it’s proper to idea them (since they are assisting with your luggage)
  • If it is a entrance place of work affiliate escorting you to your space and they’re not serving to with baggage, I don’t feel it’s necessary to tip

The dilemma is that in some circumstances lodge staff feel to virtually bulldoze their way into this situation:

Lodge staff: “I’ll go in advance and escort you to your area now.”
Me: “Thanks for the provide, but which is not necessary.”
Lodge staff: “Oh, it is no issue, and permit me support you with your bag.”
Me: “That’s not required, many thanks.”
Hotel worker: “I insist.”

In these conditions I cannot aid but come to feel guilted into tipping.

Base line

A lot of luxury lodges will escort attendees to their space soon after examining in. In some circumstances they’ll do it proactively, when in other cases they’ll at minimum offer it. Personally I just about constantly reject the supply, unless the resort has a specifically sophisticated format.

I do come across the apply in typical fascinating, since I’m not guaranteed I thoroughly realize the logic, and what the tipping norms are all-around this (at the very least for resorts in parts that have a tipping tradition).

Where by do you stand on being escorted to hotel rooms? Do you like staying provided the choice, and if so, do you take it? Under what circumstances do you then tip, if any?