May 21, 2024

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Lululemon Just Dropped a Travel Clothing Line

It’s no secret that Lululemon’s beyond-comfortable athleisure has become a favorite of travelers. As a travel writer, I see Everywhere Belt Bags and Wunderlust Weekenders on planes, trains, and the ground everywhere from Australia’s white sand beaches to Europe’s cobblestone streets. And when I worked at Lululemon in a past life, I sold thousands of buttery-soft bottoms to shoppers in pursuit of the perfect pair of travel pants.

Now, nearly 30 years after its founding in Canada, the world-famous brand has dropped a huge new travel collection. Their women’s travel capsule alone features 29 pieces (starting at just $28), and their entire travel collection for her has nearly 200 pieces. They cover every category from jackets to jumpsuits. Meanwhile, Lululemon’s men’s travel collection features more than 150 pieces ranging from board shorts to button-down shirts. Accessories-wise, think luggage, organizers, key chains, and packing cubes. 

Feeling overwhelmed by all the options? I’ve got you. While shopping for two upcoming trips to Brisbane and The Big Apple, I recently took inventory of all of Lululemon’s new travel products. It’s almost as if I’m still on their payroll. But I’m not. Lululemon is just one of my love languages. That said, you don’t need to know the difference between the Align jogger and the Adapted State jogger to appreciate a little Lulu on your travels. Whether you’re in the market for a packable backpack or a comfortable pair of white sneakers, see below for the 16 travel-friendly Lululemon pieces I’d prioritize packing. 

Lululemon Dance Studio Relaxed-fit Mid-rise Cargo Pant 


Dance Studio is a misnomer. This lightweight, mid-rise cargo pant is just at home in an airport. For starters, it has a looser fit and adjustable drawstring waist, something I appreciate when I’m bloated or just want to feel comfy (but also look cute). This pant also has more pockets than previous versions — Lululemon has been selling the Dance Studio pant for more than a decade —  and the hems are cinchable for days when you want the jogger look. This new version is available in nine colors, but if you’re okay with the previous iteration, you can get it on sale for just $89 in Belgian Blue

“Fabulous for running errands and travel,” is the title of one recent review. Note: most shoppers say these pants run big.

Lululemon Cityverse Women’s Sneaker


What happens when a brand, well-known for its buttery soft fabrics and four-way stretch, designs comfortable footwear? You get this stylish sneaker designed for travel days when you easily hit 10,000 steps before lunch. The Cityverse currently comes in four colors. I’m obsessed with white sneakers that go with every outfit, but I’m also tempted to get a pair in Precocious Pink after having watched Barbie. While these shoes look simple, they boast 3D-molded support and cushioning, and the rubber outsole is cupped. That helps with traction, especially on Europe’s well-worn cobblestone streets. 

“I walked about 18-20kms per day in these shoes and had zero [issues] with sore feet,” wrote one satisfied shopper, who continued to say, “… also, no sock slippage (I find some shoes ‘pull’ socks into them)! I highly recommend these shoes.” 

Lululemon Align Leggings High-rise Pant 


My friends joke that I have more pairs of Align leggings than I do jeans. They’re not wrong. Like the Align joggers I never leave home without, the Align High-rise Pant is made of Lululemon’s signature Nulu fabric. While it’s far from sheer and it holds up for years, it’s so soft and weightless it almost feels like you aren’t even wearing pants! This popular pant is also ideal for travel because it offers just the right amount of stretch, and thanks to the Lycra, it never loses its shape. I hate when I wear leggings multiple days in a row and the butt starts to sag. Currently, it comes in 13 colors and four different lengths. 

In fact, the Align High-rise is such a hit that it has almost 10,000 five-star ratings. “My most comfortable travel leggings,” wrote one shopper who acknowledged that they’re not cheap but deemed them “100 percent worth the price.” 

Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag 1L


If you haven’t seen Lululemon’s ubiquitous Everywhere Belt Bag on the streets yet, you’re probably living under a rock. Just kidding. But seriously; this game-changing accessory has nearly 19,000 five-star ratings. Currently, it comes in 13 colors (it’s also on sale in True Navy for $29). While it’s one-size-fits-all, the hip belt is adjustable. You can even wear it cross-body if you want. Personally, I appreciate the water-repellent fabric and the waist-facing hidden stash pocket I know no one but me has access to. 

“Wish I had bought it sooner,” wrote one shopper who comfortably wore theirs on vacation and spotted at least 10 other people wearing the same bag every day. (When something is this popular, you know it’s worth it.)

Lululemon Softstreme High-rise Midi Skirt


The few times I’ve been fortunate enough to fly business class, I’ve wanted to be comfy but also dressed up. This new midi skirt would have been perfect! It’s made of a ridiculously soft fabric featuring four-way stretch. But the best part? It doesn’t wrinkle easily. Actually, the skirt’s hand pockets (with hidden card sleeves) may be the highlight. And it’s highly versatile. While it’s comfortable enough to lounge in, it’s also classy enough to wear on a dinner date.

“This skirt goes with just about every top and shoe in my wardrobe and can be dressed up or down,” wrote one shopper who says it’s “great for travel.” 

Lululemon Relaxed-fit Twill Blazer


Many travelers have a love/hate relationship with blazers when they’re traveling. They love the look but hate the fit. For that reason, Lululemon designed this relaxed-fit blazer. It’s still tailored — so it looks sleek and has structure — but it’s not as constricting, making it easier to layer over tops and overall comfier to wear. In keeping with the athleisure theme, the twill fabric wicks away sweat, and there’s a back vent for “added mobility” and breathability. There are also four pockets: two interior welt pockets, and two on the front. 

While it looks worthy of the boardroom, several shoppers praise how well this blazer works for travel. One wrote, “It’s lightweight and doesn’t crease,” while another traveler said it’s “a great quality blazer for the price.”  

Lululemon Softstreme High-rise Pant


For economy, I’m more than happy to rock these pants made with the same silky soft material as the skirt above. While I normally wear joggers, this wide-leg look is definitely trending right now. And thanks to the high-rise fit and the way the fabric drapes, these pants are far from frumpy. That said, the drawcord waist and front pockets make them practical. 

“They look nice for almost any occasion,” wrote one shopper who deemed them the most comfortable pants they own. “They will be my travel pants for sure as they don’t show wrinkles, even after being folded up for a few days.”

Lululemon Men’s License to Train Tank Top


It may be designed for training, but this best-selling breathable base layer is also ideal for travel because it’s made for “more wearing, less washing.” Since the moisture-wicking fabric features the brand’s anti-stink Silverescent technology, odor-causing bacteria has an extremely hard time growing. My boyfriend recently wore this on a 17-hour travel day flying home from the tropics, and I swear he smelled as good when we landed back in Montana as he did when we left. 

“I got so many compliments in a few hours,” wrote one shopper who owns it in multiple colors. It’s currently available in five colors, and an older version is on sale in Aero Blue for $49.

Lululemon Men’s Textured Full-zip Hooded Jacket 


“Travel-friendly” is what the designers of Lululemon’s newest men’s outer layer were going for. Naturally, they made this piece extremely lightweight with plenty of pockets and adjustable vents. Whether you’re on a plane with broken AC or a plane blasting the AC, a little airflow can be major when it comes to regulating temperature. I also like that the hood and hem are cinch-able, which keeps out moisture. However, since this jacket is made of water-resistant nylon, you don’t need to worry too much about getting wet. 

Because it’s so new, the Men’s Textured Full-zip Hooded Jacket, available in black, only has one review. While the shopper wishes it wasn’t so thin, they like other features. “The color of the jacket is almost pitch black which I really like,” they wrote. “The pockets are also very deep, so you won’t have to worry about items falling out of them.”

Lululemon Wunderlust Weekender Bag 48L 


I bow to whoever invented the wheeled carry-on. Still, I find shorter sojourns and road trips are more doable with a duffle bag. With 48 liters of space, the Wunderlust Weekender holds 3 to 4 days’ worth of clothes, and thanks to the adjustable external straps, I can attach extras like my shoes, yoga mat, and jacket to the outside. I also love the exterior padded pocket which is perfect for my laptop, and all the other pockets for smaller valuables. Like most of Lululemon’s products, this bag is made of a water-resistant material that sheds moisture, and it’s versatile, something I appreciate because it’s not cheap. 

“Such an amazing weekender/gym/ travel bag,” declared one shopper. “It’s stylish and functional — couldn’t recommend enough.”  

Lululemon 2-in-1 Travel Duffle Backpack 45L


If you want a duffle that you can also wear on your back, opt for this slightly smaller dual-purpose piece that features hidden backpack straps. Like the Wunderlust Weekender, it’s also made of water-repellent nylon and has a removable shoulder strap. Pocket-wise, it’s similar. There’s a padded pocket large enough for a 16-inch computer, a stash pocket for straps you’re not using, and even an external water bottle pocket, so you have easy access to hydration and don’t need to worry about water leaking in your bag. 

“Easy to run through the airport with it on my back, and happy to fit it into the overhead compartment,” wrote one shopper who says it’s the “only” bag they need for travel. 

Lululemon Travel Packing Cubes 3-pack 


Even though I buy luggage with plenty of pockets, I still rely on packing cubes to keep my clothes organized. This set features three different sizes of cubes. The smallest is great for underwear and socks, the medium is what I keep my tops in, and the largest is perfect for bottoms and bulkier items. Like most of the other packing cubes I’ve tested, these feature mesh, so air can escape (which helps them compress). What sets them apart is the fact they have side handles so they’re easier to carry. They also feature double zippers, a nice added touch that comes in handy if you tend to overpack.

“I travel for work 365 days out of the year and love these cubes,” wrote one shopper. “You can fill them up and zip them down to a smaller size which is very helpful.” Note: most negative reviews say the quality is great, they just wish these bags were bigger. 

Lululemon Travel Laundry Bag


Gone are the days when hotels had disposable plastic laundry bags I could “borrow” for my dirty or damp stuff. These days, most are opting for reusable bags (as they should). But because we can’t take them with us, it’s time we invest in our own. Unlike most heavy-duty canvas bags hotels use, Lululemon’s laundry bag is made of a water-repellent polyester that weighs half as much despite still being able to handle a few days’ worth of clothes. I also love that this bag consists of two big zippered compartments. Use one for really dirty stuff and another for pieces you’ve already worn but may need to wear again. 

“Smart design and compact for traveling,” summed up one shopper who uses theirs for business travel. 

Lululemon Travel Organizer


Picture vertical packing cubes, all attached together, that you can hang in a closet to create floating shelves, and you have this handy travel organizer. In total, all three compartments (two of which are zippered) offer 26 liters of storage. That’s about enough for a few pairs of pants, several shirts, and all of your socks and underwear. Even when it’s filled to the max, it doesn’t take up much space thanks to the compression straps that help pack it down. And when not in use, it folds up, so it’s easy to store. 

“Keeps me organized and makes the packing process a breeze,” found one shopper who called it “the perfect travel buddy.” 

Lululemon Packable Backpack 32L


As much as I adore this $25 foldable backpack I found at Amazon, I can’t deny that Lululemon’s version is much more my style. I love how sleek it looks. Available in black and grey, it goes with pretty much everything. And despite looking professional enough to wear on a business trip, it’s extremely practical. For starters, it has adjustable shoulder straps, a trolley strap that attaches to your suitcase handle, and plenty of pockets including one that turns into a packable pouch for storing the backpack when it’s not in use. Filled to the brim, this bag can hold up to 32 liters. But when it’s packed down, it takes up about as much space as a T-shirt. 

“Slaying it” is the title of a review left by a shopper who wrote, “It’s super stylish, durable, and incredibly convenient.” 

Lululemon Roll-up Travel Toiletries Kit


In a couple of weeks, I’m traveling on New Zealand’s TranzApline Train, where I plan on using this hangable roll-up toiletries kit. Like planes, most trains have limited counter space in their bathrooms. And because this kit is made of a water-repellent fabric, I don’t need to worry about accidentally splashing water on it. While it lays flat when not in use, and you can obviously hang it up to access your items, this kit also features snaps on the end, so you can stand it upright. It has three zippered compartments, and many shoppers say they love it for storing tech accessories, too. 

“It helps keep my items organized and is easy to grab all my items in one swoop as I move around the hotel, or when visiting someone’s house,” wrote one shopper who called it “the perfect travel companion.” 

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